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With Sherpa’s SOAR solutions, we can help your organization manage its security operations more efficiently and effectively.

SOAR solutions

What is SOAR, and why is it important?

SOAR is an innovative technology that brings Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response together to provide organizations with a comprehensive security solution. By integrating different security tools and technologies, SOAR gives organizations a unified view of their organization’s security posture so security teams can make informed decisions quickly and take necessary actions.

SOAR is indispensable for organizations of all sizes, as it helps them:

How does SOAR work?

SOAR provides a unified platform for security operations by combining security orchestration, automation, and response capabilities. The orchestration module enables businesses to design a procedure for security incidents, while the automation module automates repetitive operations and minimizes human error. The response module allows businesses to respond in real-time to security problems, decreasing the effects of cyber-attacks.

SOAR combines additional security technologies, including SIEM, threat intelligence platforms, and endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems, to provide a unified view of an organization’s security posture.

Sherpa’s Holistic Approach to SOAR Implementation

Comprehensive Training and Support

Sherpa provides businesses with full training and support so that they can get the most out of their SOAR solution. This includes tailored instruction to each organization's individual requirements, ongoing assistance, and access to an experienced community of SOAR experts.

Integration with Existing Workflows

Sherpa understands that businesses have specific workflows and needs. That is why they offer SOAR solutions that are flexible and can be easily added to tools and processes that are already in place.

Continuous Improvement

Sherpa is dedicated to continuous development, releasing updates and new features to their SOAR platform on a regular basis to stay ahead of emerging threats and meet the changing needs of businesses.

How Sherpa is Helping Businesses Reach New Heights with SOAR

Incident Response

One of the key advantages of SOAR is its capacity to automate incident response. SOAR helps businesses respond more quickly and effectively to security incidents by automating tasks like gathering and analyzing data. Manual tasks are done repeatedly. Sherpa's SOAR solution goes a step further by giving businesses a centralized platform for managing incidents. This makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks by letting businesses track incidents from start to finish.

Threat Hunting

In addition to incident response, SOAR can also be employed for proactive threat hunting. SOAR helps businesses find potential security problems before they become big security crises. It does this by automating tasks like log analysis and network traffic monitoring. Sherpa's SOAR solution has a wide range of threat hunting features, such as playbooks that can be changed and machine learning algorithms that can spot strange behavior.

Compliance Management

Compliance is a big concern for a lot of businesses, especially those in highly regulated fields like healthcare or finance. The SOAR solution from Sherpa has features for managing compliance that help businesses stay on top of regulatory requirements. This includes automatic reports on compliance activities and flexible workflows for responding to incidents and remediation.

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