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Streamline your process for achieving ISO 22301 Compliance with Sherpa

Learn how Sherpa’s consultation and cutting-edge solutions will assist your business to achieve ISO 22301 compliance.

ISO 22301 Compliance: A Complete Guide to Business Continuity 

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has released the international standard 22301 for business continuity management. This structure helps identify potential threats and create plans to maintain a successful business both during and after a crisis. Everything from risk assessment, incident response, to BCP and more is covered under the standard. 

22301 Compliance is a must for any organization that wants to make sure it can handle a crisis. Disruptions come in many forms, such as natural disasters, cyber attacks, and pandemics. Whenever they occur, they can significantly impact your business operations, customers, and expedience. By being 22301-compliant, your organization will be prepared for any disruption and be able to recover quickly and efficiently. 

Steps to Achieving ISO 22301 Compliance 

Step 1: Construct a Business Continuity Management System 

The first step in setting up this BCMS is: Identify potential threats. Evaluate the risks. Implement measures to reduce the risks. This requires identifying potential threats, assessing weaknesses, and taking proactive measures for reduction.  

Step 2: Implement Controls 

Once your BCMS has been set up, it must be monitored to guarantee its effectiveness. Managing risks means making policies, procedures, and processes so that your organization can keep running during and after a crisis.  

Step 3: Educate Your Employees 

Your employees are your first line of defense. It is essential for them to be educated on all policies, procedures, and processes. This way, they will know what steps to take if a disruption occurs.  

Step 4: Validate Your BCMS 

Testing your BCMS is critical to guaranteeing it functions as intended. Run tests and simulations on a regular basis. This will help you identify any holes in your plan. Make the necessary changes accordingly.  

Step 5: Continue to Improve 

Achieving ISO 22301 Compliance is not a one-off event; it’s an ongoing process that requires continuous improvement. Review and update your BCMS often to make sure it continues to work well and meets the needs of your organization.  

Sherpa’s Key Features for Achieving 22301 Compliance

Risk Assessment

Sherpa gives you a full risk assessment tool that helps you find potential threats and figure out how dangerous they are. This lets you put your efforts in order of how important they are to the survival of your organization. 

Incident Management 

Sherpa's incident management module provides a centralized platform. This platform helps to manage incidents, such as tracking their status, assigning tasks and communicating with stakeholders. 

Business Continuity Planning 

Sherpa's BCP module aids you in establishing and sustaining your BCMS. It assists you in making policies and procedures and identifying your most important business functions. These are just a few of its capabilities. With our help, you'll have everything needed for successful planning. 

Business Impact Analysis 

Sherpa's business impact analysis module can help you understand how a disruption could affect your company's core functions, processes, and services. It can provide insight into the potential impacts of a disruption. This can help prioritize efforts and create appropriate contingency plans. 

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Plan Development and Maintenance 

Sherpa provides a centralized platform to create and update business continuity plans. It also provides a way to assign tasks to team members and track their progress. With Sherpa, you have access to everything you need for successful planning! 

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Training and Awareness 

Sherpa gives your employees training and tools to learn about BCMS policies, procedures, and processes. By doing this, it will guarantee that everyone in your organization knows what to do in case of a disruption. 

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Reporting and Analytics 

Sherpa gives you full reporting and analytics tools that let you see how well your BCMS is working in real time. This can help identify areas for improvement as well as help make data-driven decisions based on accurate information. 

Sherpa is a great choice if you’re looking for a consultant to help you achieve your company’s 22301 compliance. With its full set of features and convenient interface, Sherpa will make it easier to run your BCMS.


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