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Delivering accessible, comprehensive, and elite cybersecurity and compliance to all sectors of the market to protect industry.

Our Story

Our founder, cybersecurity, strategy, and compliance expert Nick Krause launched Sherpa in Spring of 2021.

The imperative for Sherpa came from witnessing the complex challenges in the consulting and solution provider space. The broader market from successful small businesses to medium and large enterprises lacked accessibility to cybersecurity. The large household names that covered all cybersecurity domains and compliance were too large and lacked agility to service mid-sized contracts. The boutique firms and startups that had the same model and offerings, lacked visibility, marketing “muscle”, and rarely find growth to service more of the market. However, boutique firms and small providers often had really experienced talent that went underutilized.


Beginning of 2024, Patrick Birt became the new CEO of Sherpa. Patrick brings over three decades of unparalleled experience in the realms of information technology and federal service to his role. With a career spanning both the private and public sectors, Patrick has honed his expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of compliance standards and regulatory requirements.

Sherpa is a wholly owned subsidiary of AdRem Systems Corporation, where Patrick serves as the owner and founder, a leading Managed Service Provider and IT Services Contractor for the U.S. Federal Government within the Intelligence Community. Under his leadership, AdRem Systems Corporation solidifies its reputation as a trusted partner, delivering exceptional IT services to a diverse clientele, including HIPAA covered entities, law firms, accounting firms, and various other organizations with stringent compliance needs. His deep understanding of the unique challenges facing organizations in today’s regulatory landscape positions him as a strategic leader capable of guiding Sherpa and its clients through even the most complex compliance requirements.

Patrick Birt embodies Sherpa’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and client-centricity. With his guidance, Sherpa will continue to serve as a beacon of compliance excellence in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Sherpa Cyber Security

On the vendor side of things, is where the story gets more interesting. We recognized that the “timing” in industry was great. We could combine our competitive differentiator in talent and comprehensive solutions, with the commoditization, consolidation, and “platform” theme in cybersecurity tooling. The combination of the cloud and cutting-edge technology partners we chose, alongside our solutions, manifested a pragmatic model to grow Sherpa and serve customers of all industries, sizes, and maturity.

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Sherpa is a one-of-a kind provider that provides elite cybersecurity and compliance talent, with exceptional industry experience, at accessible costs and level of efforts for small, medium, and large enterprises. We are able to deliver a full cybersecurity and compliance program, across all domains, but are confident in focusing our customers’ digital transformation towards using the power of the cloud, mobility, 5G, AI, IoT, and Web3 to do cybersecurity better. Sherpa commits to cutting-edge tools, services, and culture that provides our customers with the ability to defend and recover in the cybersecurity threat landscape and focus on their core business competencies.