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The Silent Danger: A Powerful Lesson For Every Business From This $1.6 Billion Ransomware Attack

Health Computer

Is YOUR organization compliant and secure? What you can’t see can hurt you – and preparation is your most powerful defense. This incident, which severely impacted the US health care system, underscores an urgent message for all business leaders: a robust cybersecurity system and recovery plan are not optional but a fundamental necessity for every business out there. Our team specializes in providing comprehensive compliance solutions ensuring your business meets all necessary regulatory standards. Investing in comprehensive cybersecurity measures isn’t just a precaution – it’s a fundamental responsibility to our customers, our stakeholders and our future.

The Basics of Cybersecurity: What Every Small Business Owner Must Know

Learn about the vital role of cybersecurity for small businesses and discover the best practices to implement, including employee training, information protection, firewall maintenance, mobile device security, data backup, access control, Wi-Fi network security, and multi-factor authentication. Protect your business from cyber threats and ensure its long-term success.

Understanding HIPAA, NIST and CMMC

Compliance Standards

Compliance standards are some of the most important things a business needs to maintain to be profitable and well-respected while staying out of legal trouble. Failure to meet these standards will make your business susceptible to fines and legal action. You’ll also take a hit on your reputation as customers, vendors and competitors may find your business to be untrustworthy. By enforcing compliance, you’re working to promote ethical behavior while protecting the rights of your employees, customers and other stakeholders.

But it’s not always obvious which compliance standards apply to your industry or specific business. Here are compliance standards that you should know about if you’re a business owner or leader.